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eNROLMENT of new students

All applicants must complete enrolment procedures in person in the office of the Secretary General (entrance: Piazza della Pilotta 35) during the period September 20 - October 18 (if possible, by October 4). They are to bring:

  1. Application form [to be filled out and sent via web]. Please, send the form before coming to the Secretariat. Alternatively, you can fill in the Secretariat.
  2. Authentic documentation (diploma or certificate)* of S.T.B. Those who do not have this degree must bring full documentation* of their theological studies (see belows, N.B.).
  3. Letter of presentation or recommendation. Clerics and religious: by the ecclesiastical superior; layperson: by an ecclesiastical authority or, if not from EU, by the bishop of the diocese of origin.
  4. Any documentation of course in Latin, Italian and Modern Languages (English / French / German).
  5. One passport-size photograph.
  6. Fees: The academic fees vary according to the number of credits (ECTS) of the courses taken by the student; 1 ECTS = Euro 60,00 (see «Academic Fees»). Student who takes both propaedeutic courses (15 ECTS for Greek + 15 ECTS for Hebrew) has to pay: 30 x 60 = 1800 €uro.
    Those who take the qualifying examinations will enroll in the courses after having obtained the results of such exams.
  7. Photocopy of that page from their passport on which is recorded their complete and legal name. Once the student has been granted the residence permit in Italy, a photocopy of this must be presented to the Secretariate of the Institute. The temporary tourist visa is not sufficient for admission to the Institute.

N.B.:  Students who do not have a baccalaureate degree in theology (but have done a six-year philosophico-theological curriculum in a seminary or in another duly approved higher institute [cfr. Sapientia Christiana, Ordinationes, art. 54]) may be enrolled as ordinari if their theological studies are recognized by the Dean of the Biblical Faculty as equivalent to the curriculum required for that degree. Whoever wishes to request this recognition is required to present a complete transcript for the courses and corresponding grades in both philosophy and theology.

     All new students registering for the Licentiate in Sacred Scritpure have to meet the Dean of the Biblical Faculty, Rev. Fr. Henry Pattarumadathil, S.J. [AFTER registration by the Secretary].
     Dean’s office hours: 10:00 - 12:00 (starting from Monday, September 23).
     Saturday, October 5 [10:30 – Aula Paulina]: short orientation for all students enrolling in the curriculum for the Licentiate in Sacred Scripture.

*  Photocopies of documents will be accepted only if authenticated or accompained by the original.

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