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All payment is made in Euro [currency converter].

Methods of payment:
  • Bank transfer to:
    • UniCredit Banca
      (branch: Roma Via del Corso "A" - address: Via del Corso 307, 00186 Rome)
    • A/c No. 5444686, «Pontificio Istituto Biblico»
    • IBAN: IT 31 O 02008 05181 000005444686
    • SWIFT-Code (BIC): UNCRITM1B44
      Reference: «Tasse accademiche + name of student».
      Bring copy of receipt to the Secretariat.
  • – Cheque made out to «Pontificio Istituto Biblico».
  • – If possible, avoid payment in cash.

Curriculum for the Licence

There is no set fee for a semester or for the entire year. Payment is by semester according to the number of credits (ECTS) of the courses taken by the student.

1 ECTS = Euro 60.00 Euros (55 + 5 for “academic resource fee”)

For example:

  • 1 course of 3 ECTS = 180 Euro (this includes the exam).
  • 1 course of 5 ECTS = 300 Euro (this includes the exam).
  • The semester tuition for a student taking 30 ECTS is 1800 Euro [30 x 60].

In order to offer its students the necessary digital resources for their studies and, above all, for their future roles as teachers and/or researchers, the Institute has made a deal with Verbum (the Catholic ‘section’ of the Logos platform).  As based on this agreement, the student can receive a "package" containing critical editions of the biblical texts, indispensable dictionaries, the main extrabiblical texts (targumim, Qumran ,...) and about 200 commentaries chosen by the PBI professors.  The value for the hardcopy/paper versions of these resources would total around 8000 Euros.  Thanks to the support of the Gregorian University Foundation, the PBI is able to offer this ‘package’ to each student, asking for a contribution of 5 Euros for each ECTS.

N.B.:  This contribution of 5 Euros also applies to ECTS received from courses taken at other institutions (Ex. Hebrew University or École Biblique) which are applied for credit to the SSL curriculum.

  • Payment must be made at the time of registration at the beginning of the semester, i.e., in October and February (see the Academic Calendar for the exact times in any given year).
  • The fee for an examination without credits (e.g., qualifying exam, modern language exam), is 55 Euro.

For the Doctorate

The cost of the entire Doctoral program is approximately € 18,000. But the Institute grants any candidate a scholarship according to the details outline in the table below:

  Cost Scholarship Sum to be paid
by the candidate

Preparatory Year

€ 5.150 € 3.000 € 2.150

Annual fee during the elaboration of the thesis

€ 2.060 € 1.010 € 1.050

At the consignment/defense of the dissertation

€ 6.180 € 3.980 € 2.200
  • In certain cases, the scholarship may be even higher.
  • These doctoral scholarships will be valid for the normal duration of the doctoral program, that is the preparatory year and four years for the elaboration of the dissertation.
  • Anyone not finishing the doctoral program within this period will lose his or her right to the scholarship. Any exceptions will be made on the basis of advice from the candidate's director and by the rector alone and within clearly specified deadlines.
  • During the period of work on the doctorate the candidate may be asked to serve as an assistant, depending on the judgment of the dissertation director and the availability of the candidate.


  • Licence € 132
  • Doctorate  € 162

N.B.: The Institute does not have funds for granting scholarships. But thanks to contributions from benefactors, it can grant a reduction in academic fees to students who are able to show special  financial need.


Cost for the whole S.S.L. curriculum
[prospectus based on 2021-22 fees]
Propaedeutic year (30 ECTS for Greek
+ 30 ECTS for Hebrew)
60 x 60 3.600
First year (60 ECTS) 60 x 60 3.600
Second year (60 ECTS) 60 x 60 3.600
Third year (46 ECTS) 46 x 60 2.760
Approximative cost (propaedeutic year included) . . . . . . €  13.560