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Grammar of the New Testament Greek. An Introductory Manual

2020, pp. 392.

This introductory manual is designed for those students who have little or no previous knowledge of New Testament Greek. Combining basic morphology with elementary syntax, the book helps students achieve a secure understanding of the fundamentals of ancient Greek. The manual consists of 52 lessons, divided into eight units. Each lesson is equipped with a set of vocabulary and exercises chosen from the New Testament. Also included at the end of the book are a series of appendices that present paradigms of the basic verbal conjugations and nominal declensions.

C. Sunil Ranjar S.J. is a Jesuit priest belonging to the Karnataka province in India. He is a lecteur of New Testament Greek and exegesis at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome and is a visiting professor at the regional Theological Centre of the Jesuits in Bangalore, India..