First Seminar
(January 23-27, 2012)

Second Seminar
(January 21-25, 2013)

Third Seminar
(January 20-24, 2014)

Fourth Seminar
(January 26-30, 2015)

Fifth Seminar
(January 25-29, 2016)
VI Seminar
(23-27 Sennaio 2017)

Seminar for those teaching or researching
Sacred Scripture

At the request of a number of persons interested in the study of Scripture, especially former students of the Pontifical Biblical Institute, the Institute organizes a program of ongoing training for researchers in, and teachers of, Sacred Scripture in Faculties of Theology and other institutions of learning.

The details for this program are as follows: every year a seminar of study will be organized, designed for teachers and/or researchers in the domain of Sacred Scripture. The purpose is to enable those taking part to get up to date with developments in the various fields of biblical studies and to provide a platform for discussion among those professionally engaged in the teaching of Scripture in various parts of the world. The seminar should not only be an opportunity for listening and getting up to date, but also of active participation, encouraging those in attendance to share experiences in the fields of teaching and of research.

The seminar avails itself of some professors, chosen from instructors at the Biblical Institute or from other faculties, who are entrusted with the planning of the seminar. Other professors are also involved to present different subject matters, which will have every day a thematic or methodological unity.

The seminar will last a week, from Monday to Friday inclusive, and will take place between the two semesters, that is, towards the end of January.

The direction of the seminars of 2012 and 2013 has been entrusted by the rector of the Institute to Professor José Luis Sicre Díaz, S.J.  From 2013, the direction is entrusted to Professor Pietro Bovati, S.J.


Seminar 2018  [January 22-26, 2018] 


   Subject matter: “Historical” books of the Old Testament         [ > > >  full program]   


The next Refresher Course for Teachers of Sacred Scripture will take place from 22 to 26 January 2018 under the direction of Prof. Federico Giuntoli.

The theme will be that of the “historical” books of the Old Testament. These make up a considerable part of the biblical tradition and are the indispensable foundation for understanding the prophetic writings and, more generally, the story of the people of God.

As in previous years, the Seminar involves taught lectures in the morning and afternoon sessions in the form of seminars.

Morning Lectures:

On the Friday afternoon, instead of the traditional Round Table, there will be a final session which will turn to the subject of extra-biblical historiography (with contributions from Prof. Paolo Merlo and Prof.ssa Cristina Termini).

Afternoons sessions:
The afternoon sessions in seminar form (for groups) will be of three different types:

  1. some of the teachers who have lectured in the morning will offer in-depth studies (Proff. Paganini, Oiry, Morrison, Dubovský, Balzaretti);
  2. other professors will deal with the “historical” books which were not examined in the morning sessions the book of Esther (Prof. Dionisio Candido), the bookof Ruth (Prof.ssa Donatella Scaiola), the bookof Tobit (Prof. Marco Zappella), and the books of the Maccabees (Prof. Joseph Sievers);
  3. there will also be the opportunity to tackle particular themes, such as the figure of Nathan (Prof.ssa Bruna Costacurta), the relationship between archaeology and biblical historiography (Prof. Josef Briffa) and narrative techniques of character building (prof. Raoul Baziomo).

The seminar will be in Italian (some afternoon seminars may be in English).


Those who plan to take part in the seminar are requested to send in their registration by October 10, 2017, using the e-mail address of the Secretary of the Institute:

The fee for attending the seminar is € 120.

For those enrolled in the Associazione ex-alunni/e of the Pontifical Biblical Institute the fee is € 100.

The seminar fee may be paid at the beginning of the seminar: it is not necessary to make any payment at the time of registration. It would be appreciated, however, if registration were to be made only if the applicant is reasonably sure of being able to attend, inasmuch as the organization of the seminar depends on the number of those who have registered.

Further information may be obtained from the Secretary General of the Institute at

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