First Seminar
(January 23-27, 2012)

Second Seminar
(January 21-25, 2013)

Third Seminar
(January 20-24, 2014)

Fourth Seminar
(January 26-30, 2015)

Fifth Seminar
(January 25-29, 2016)
Sixth Seminar
(January 23-27, 2017)
Seventh Seminar
(January 22-26, 2018)

Seminar for those teaching or researching
Sacred Scripture

At the request of a number of persons interested in the study of Scripture, especially former students of the Pontifical Biblical Institute, the Institute organizes a program of ongoing training for researchers in, and teachers of, Sacred Scripture in Faculties of Theology and other institutions of learning.

The details for this program are as follows: every year a seminar of study will be organized, designed for teachers and/or researchers in the domain of Sacred Scripture. The purpose is to enable those taking part to get up to date with developments in the various fields of biblical studies and to provide a platform for discussion among those professionally engaged in the teaching of Scripture in various parts of the world. The seminar should not only be an opportunity for listening and getting up to date, but also of active participation, encouraging those in attendance to share experiences in the fields of teaching and of research.

The seminar avails itself of some professors, chosen from instructors at the Biblical Institute or from other faculties, who are entrusted with the planning of the seminar. Other professors are also involved to present different subject matters, which will have every day a thematic or methodological unity.

The seminar will last a week, from Monday to Friday inclusive, and will take place between the two semesters, that is, towards the end of January.

The direction of the seminars of 2012 and 2013 has been entrusted by the rector of the Institute to Professor José Luis Sicre Díaz, S.J.  From 2013, the direction is entrusted to Professor Pietro Bovati, S.J.


Seminar 2019  [January 21-25, 2019] 


   Subject matter: Gospel of Luke and Acts of the Apostles 


The next Refresher Course for Teachers of Sacred Scripture will take place from 21 to 25 January 2019 under the direction of Prof. Dean Béchard, S.J.

Respecting the alternation between the Old and the New Testament, the subject of the seminar will be the two New Testament writings that make up the «Opera lucana» (Gospel of Luke and Acts of the Apostles).

As in previous years, the Seminar involves both formal lectures in the morning and afternoon sessions. These last will be either in the form of lecture presentations or seminar discussions.

Morning Lectures (planned program):


To open the program in the first morning, two lectures will focus on methodological aspects:

The themes taken up the following day will be more theological:

On Wednesday, January 23rd, prof. Christopher Tuckett will give two lessons on: Luke and the Synoptic Problem and Luke and the “Q” Source.

The following day (Thursday), prof. Daniel Marguerat will deal with Historiography of Luke-Acts and prof. Anthony Giambrone with Ecclesiology in Acts.


Friday morning lectures will be dedicated to the figures of Peter and Paul:

The seminar will end (Friday afternoon) with two lectures by Proff. Steven Mason and Dean Béchard, who will treat respectively: Luke-Acts and Contemporary Historiography and Luke the Real and Implicit Author

Afternoons sessions (in the form of lecture presentations or seminar discussions):

Some of the professors who have lectured in the morning will offer more focused studies in the afternoon (Proff. Guijarro Oporto, Crimella, Landi, Mason).

Other professors will deal with specific themes or texts in the Lukan Work:

The detailed program of the week, which will also take into account the number of members, will be available at the end of October (after the registration deadline).

The seminar will be in Italian (some lecturers will speak in English, but an Italian translation of the text of the lecture will be made available).


Those who plan to take part in the seminar are requested to send in their registration by October 10, 2017, using the e-mail address of the Secretary of the Institute:

The fee for attending the seminar is € 120.

For those enrolled in the Associazione ex-alunni/e of the Pontifical Biblical Institute the fee is € 100.

The seminar fee may be paid at the beginning of the seminar: it is not necessary to make any payment at the time of registration. It would be appreciated, however, if registration were to be made only if the applicant is reasonably sure of being able to attend, inasmuch as the organization of the seminar depends on the number of those who have registered.

Further information may be obtained from the Secretary General of the Institute at

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