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Filippo BELLI

Argumentation and Use of Scripture in Romans 9–11.
Translated from Italian by Pablo T. Gadenz

2010, pp. 480.

The dominance of the Scriptures in Romans 9–11 is the decisive factor for their comprehension, so that it can be affirmed that here we have an example of “scriptural argumentation”. This work is a systematic study of how and why Paul’s argumentation is combined with the scriptural references in these chapters and consequently it deals with rhetorical analysis and scriptural exegesis together. At every level of the argumentation (inventio, dispositio, and elocutio), it tries to verify how and why the Scriptures enter or not into the rhetorical procedure and in what manner they determine its whole course.

The detection and the analysis of Paul’s particular method of argumentation through the Scriptures permit a better grasp of the content of Rom 9–11. In this perspective, which respects the proper characteristics of the discourse, the numerous aporias and difficulties which these chapters pose for exegesis are resolved more easily.

The study discovers the innovative way of reading and interpreting Scripture that the Apostle displays in these chapters. As a consequence, this permits a better appreciation of the importance that the Scriptures have in Christian proclamation and experience, in the way that Paul communicates it to us.

Belli Filippo, a catholic priest in Florence, earned the licentiate in 2000 and the doctorate in 2006 at the Pontifical Biblical Institute. He teaches Sacred Scripture at the Theological Faculty of Central Italy in Florence.