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ANALECTA BIBLICA [dissertationes] - 215


«My Chosen Instrument». The Characterisation of Paul in Acts 7:58-15:41

2016, pp. XVIII+496

This narrative study follows the first time reader who, while reading progressively through the Acts of the Apostles, constructs Paul’s character from the time of his emergence up to the split with Barnabas (7:58-15:41). There are many surprises along the way, most notably the events at Damascus and the revelation of Paul’s role as Jesus’ chosen instrument. While there is some fulfilment of the reconfigured expectations, the reader notices significant delays, particularly in beginning the Gentile missions. This gap is employed productively to demonstrate the former persecutor’s acceptance within the church, to prepare the conditions for a future Gentile mission and to show Paul’s formation within the church under the tutelage of Barnabas. While there in more fulfilment during the missionary journey (Acts 13-14), there is a further prolonged pause at the Jerusalem meeting, which is again employed productively, confirming the Gentile mission and especially its chief protagonist, Paul. The study elicits an engaging and dynamic portrait of Paul.

Macnamara Lukeis a Benedictine monk of Glenstal Abbey, Ireland. He qualified as a medical doctor at university College Dublin (1994) and specialized in General Practice (1998). Following theological studies at the Institut Catholique de Paris, he studied Sacred Scripture at the pontifical Biblical Institute obtaining a licence (SSL) in 2011 and gained his doctorate (SSD) with this study on the figure of Paul in the book of Acts in 2015.