As the Third Millennium is about to begin, and in the context of the observance by the Pontifical Biblical Institute of the 90th anniversary of its foundation (May 7, 1909--1999), the «Pontifical Biblical Institute Alumni/Alumnae Association» is being officially established under date of May 8, 1999. The immediate motive for the founding of such an association is the unexpectedly positive response to the initiative announced by the Rector of the Institute in his letter of September 25, 1998, to all former students.

The primary goal of the Association is to strengthen relations both between the Pontifical Biblical Institute and its alumni, and among the alumni themselves, and as a result, to enable the alumni to take part more fully in the purpose of the Institute, that is, the deepening of knowledge of the Bible and its diffusion through the world.

In particular, the Association has as its goals:

  • to promote the intellectual and spiritual well-being of its alumni and, through them, of the Institute itself;
  • to favor the exchange of information between the Institute and its alumni and among the alumni themselves;
  • to promote in a concrete way the development of the Library of the Institute both through the acquisition of new books and through greater accessibility of the Library to alumni;
  • to serve as a point of contact between the professors of the Institute and the Institute's alumni in various parts of the world.

All those who have been officially registered for courses at the Institute for at least one semester are eligible for membership in the Association. Those who enroll in the Association assume a special responsibility of acting for the good of the Institute and of its alumni, especially through their prayers.

Membership in the Association is effected by means of payment of annual dues, which are valid until the 30th of September of the following year. Those who wish to enroll but who have difficulty in paying the dues are asked to contact the Director.

The members of the Association receive a membership card which gives them the right to use the Library of the Institute according to the rules laid down by the Librarian and approved by the Rector. In view of the limited number of places available in the Library, access for members of the Association can be granted only for brief periods. Former students who are in Rome for an entire semester or for a longer period should ask from the Library an entrance card proper for a regular user.

The administration of the Association:

  • a President, who is ex officio the Rector of the Institute;
  • a Director, who is named by the Rector. His term is for three years, renewable at the discretion of the Rector;
  • a Secretary, who is chosen by the Director with the approval of the Rector.
  • Consultors. These are three members of the Association resident in Rome. Their term of office is for three years, renewable at the discretion of the President. Their terms of office are staggered, so that one consultor finishes his or her mandate each year.

The headquarters of the Association is located in the Secretariate of the Institute:

Secretariate Pontifical Biblical Institute

Piazza della Pilotta, 35

00187 Rome (Italy)

Tel.: +06-69526 6179 - Fax: +06-69526 6211

e-mail: pibsegr@biblico.it  — web site:www.biblico.it

The administration of the Association will publish an annual newsletter (usually in the month of October), with information about the Institute and its alumni. This newsletter will be sent to all former students enrolled as members of the Association.

In addition, at appropriate intervals, the Association will publish a "Listing of all Former Students of the Pontifical Biblical Institute".

News about members of the Association and other relevant items will be posted regularly on the website of the Association.

An annual financial report of the Association will be made available to members.

Any surplus over and beyond what is necessary for the running of the Association will be given to the Library of the Institute for the acquistion of new books.